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Paving the Way to Climate-friendly Skies

Our initiative aims to support European policymakers in identifying key aviation research efforts for the future, particularly in relation to environmental goals and the expectations of European citizens. By developing a comprehensive roadmap and providing relevant recommendations, PULSAR assists in achieving a climate-neutral and resilient economy, with a primary focus on addressing environmental aspects such as noise, emissions, and air quality.

CINEA PULSAR publication

Together for Sustainable Aviation

A publication created within the PULSAR project framework. The brochure gives readers a glimpse into research conducted on environmental aviation through EU collaborative projects that go beyond well-known high-TRL-focused EU Joint Undertakings. This effort illustrates the European Commission's dedication to achieving key aviation and environmental objectives.


22 EU-founded projects and   5 national initiatives

working towards a greener aviation industry with low environmental impacts through research and innovation.

ANIMA Noise Platform

The Noise Platform provides the medium and tools for stakeholders to address the challenge of aviation noise impact management and mitigation from a holistic approach.

The platform is the result of the successful collaboration between aircraft and airport engineers, noise specialists, urban geographers, psychologists, sociologists and experts on aviation regulation, who sought to better understand annoyance and to develop best practice solutions to alleviate this burden.

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