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Discover the outcomes of the PULSAR project. Here, we will unveil the tangible results that have emerged from our collaborative efforts in the field of aviation research.

PULSAR - ECATS flowchart v2.png
PULSAR ECATS poster.png
PULSAR project brochure.png
CINEA publication.png

PULSAR flowchart, showcasing the project's methodology, and explaining the workflow resulting in the delivery of policy recommendations connected to sustainable aviation.

PULSAR poster, inviting experts to collaborate in the project's research efforts to effectively shape the allocation of future research grants in the field of aviation.

PULSAR general brochure, introducing the key figures and main objectives of the project, elaborating on the goals of each work package included in the framework.

Together for Sustainable Aviation, a publication that gives readers a glimpse into research conducted on environmental aviation through EU collaborative projects that go beyond well-known high-TRL-focused EU Joint Undertakings. 

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